Release Notes – Bracket Order Trader – Interactive Brokers

Please review the latest release notes for Bracket Order Trader for Interactive Brokers.

Release Notes

2020-07-30 – 1.1.10

– Added the ability to turn on/off extended hours in chart trader.
– Added interactive brokers server time synchronization.
– Performance enhancements for background data processing.
– Fixed issue in chart trader where candlestick chart bars were not showing when open and close price were equal.

2020-07-01 – 1.1.00

– New Chart Trader Feature to add buy and stop limits from a candlestick click into the bracket order entry form.
– Added Indicator lines and volume bars on chart trader.
– New Checklist to help show Volume, Average Volume, Shortable Shares, High Day, Low Day, Spread and Max Spread since being on ticker.
– Fixed group sync not always connecting on initial load if no response from IB API received.
– Added Account selection to choose what account you want order to be sent to if you have multiple IB accounts.

2020-02-25 – 1.0.10

– Updated License software to latest version.
– Added email requirement for free trial.

2020-02-11 – 1.0.9

– Updated name to Bracket Order Trader.
– Restart Application when settings are changed to take effect with TWS API.
– Bug Fixes.

2019-12-01 – 1.0.0

Initial product release.

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