Bracket Order Trader – TD Ameritrade

The Bracket Order Trader for TD Ameritrade uses their API to quickly create bracket orders. Having a price entry, profit target and stop loss defines your risk for each trade.

  • Fast order entry using the TD Ameritrade API.
  • Uses the optimal 2R trading strategy
  • Create All or Nothing (AON) bracket orders.
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • $69 with free upgrades for 1 year
  • Release Notes

Bracket Order Trader TD Ameritrade Main Screen

**Minimum Requirements
TD Ameritrade Trading Account
Windows 10 w/ .Net 4.7 installed

Installation Instructions for Bracket Order Trader – TD Ameritrade:

  1. Download and Install Software

    Use this link to download the installer.

  2. Go to menu Tools –> License Management

    Click the Purchase License button to receive a trial license.

  3. Go to menu Tools –> App Registration

    Click the Get Access Token button and it will take you to the TD Ameritrade app registration login page. Once you login successfully it will prompt you to approve the app to connect to your account.

  4. Connectivity Test

    On the main bracket order entry screen you will see a drop down menu in the top right corner with your account number. You can also enter a valid ticker symbol and it will bring in the ticker name from the API.

  5. Order Entry Test

    After entering a valid ticker then select the order type and enter a buy price and a stop price. Afterwards it will automatically calculate the quantity and profit targets. By pressing the Long Order or Short Order button it will send the live order into your account through the API. You can then verify the order entry by logging into your TD Ameritrade account or opening the ThinkorSwim app.

Instructional Videos

App Registration with TD Ameritrade?

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